Another stunning day on the weather front!

07 February 2011

The sun continues to beat down, and in the afternoon Gill and I can have lunch in t-shirts on our terrace. You’d need to go to Hawaii to get more sunshine than we’ve had here over the past 4-weeks or more and there is no snow forecast for at least another week. In the meantime the pistes are fantastic and we continue to make the best of what’s on offer, and everyone seems genuinely happy with their skiing.

I took my team for an excellent Glacier Pers this morning, and we left great tracks top-to-bottom. Tim H is back after a three-year break (new baby boy has kept him busy) and we had Peter B along this morning with Jean, who captured the morning nicely with his photos.

Andreas’s team skied a very good Pays Desert followed by a scenic Vallonnet, and Jeremy and Jerry will be back sometime in March. (They didn’t need to wait over two-hours yesterday, it turned out to be more like an hour, which was spent quenching their thirsts.) TJ skied the Col du Montet with Michael C and Sophie but I haven’t heard how they got on, and both Chris and Thomas were also skiing this morning but I haven’t had any news from them either.

Gill had a good piste cruise with Laura and Kiera this morning while testing her newly injected boots, which we hope are going to work out nicely. This afternoon Gill and I walked up the Manchet Valley to watch Millie’s class cross-country ski. All in all, it was another very pleasant day!

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