The tropical weather continues!

08 February 2011

We all returned to the Fornet again this morning as the beautiful weather continues. Andreas, TJ and I all took our groups out wide in the Pays Desert, where we continue to find soft snow in which to leave our tracks. My team had two new ‘Alpine’ skiers, Neil and Alison, both of whom did really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It’s their first time to Val d’Isere and the Pays Desert scenery never fails to impress. After the Pays Desert TJ dove over the Col while my team skied the Grand Vallon, which is pisted by ski and a jolly good ski down to the valley floor.

(Chris is on-piste at the moment and Thomas started at the Fornet and finished in the Familial with his private group.)

Tomorrow is Jean’s last day for three-weeks when he takes his mid-season break, so after tomorrow there will be an absence of his daily photos to go along with the diary. Your efforts are much appreciated Jean and many people will be missing their ‘fix’ in the office over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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