Great story Kit!

11 February 2011

It was another gorgeous day with blue skies and slightly cooler temperatures, but not cool enough to stop Gill and I having lunch again on our terrace. As for the skiing I headed to Tignes to show Neil and Alison some different scenery from the Fornet and we had a great ski for the most part on steep, chalky slopes, but we did manage a few turns in frisset as well. We started with the Face Nord du Borsat, which I must say is wonderful. It’s steep, chalky, and considering how long we’ve gone without snow, it’s pretty smooth as well. After skiing some great piste down into Val Claret we bussed around to the Palafour and headed up to the Sachette. The traverse looked dreadful so we took a lower route and then ’skinned’ up to the little Col, which turned out to be a good option. We had a few soft-snow turns on the first pitch then skied some good smooth souffle in the gulley and then for the rest of the way down. We cut out early to avoid the mess at the bottom and finished with a good Familial.

Meanwhile Andreas was skiing couloirs and steep slopes with Lou and Jamie. They skied the Borsat Nord, Mickey’s Ears and I’m not too sure what else. Chris and TJ headed towards the Fornet and ’skinned’ to the Glacier Pers, which Chris reports to be on it’s last legs as finding untracked strips is getting difficult. Bummer as it’s been good to us during this dry spell!

Chris was complaining about the number of people falling in the streets, which are criminally icy and the Commune really should do something about it. If you’re arriving in town do pay attention and concentrate on each step you take! While Chris was at it he was also fuming about the amount of collisions on the piste, which are empty at the moment. He had one client taken out twice this week and she ended up with a fracture of the clavicle. And to finish Chris also had Kit fall while getting out of the bus at the Fornet as it parked on the iciest spot imaginable. Chris asked the driver why he couldn’t have parked further up or a little further down and asked why they don’t throw some gravel about. Needless to say he wasn’t very popular with the driver but I do just love it when Chris is on a roll!

Speaking of Kit, he told me a fantastic story yesterday about his father. Kit’s dad, at 39-years-of-age, was Captain of the English Ice Hockey Team that won the Gold Medal at the 1936 Winter Olympics, and was presented his medal by none other than Adolph Hitler. Wow!

Tim H has just finished a great week, his first in three years since the birth of his son Robert. Tim’s a proud pappy as Robert has been out on skis and absolutely loved it. Bravo Robert and thanks for coming Tim!

I’ve tomorrow off and have a big ski planned with Gill and the girls in the morning, followed by a birthday-ski with Pat Woo in the afternoon. And the sun should still be shining!

PS I’ve just been into town and someone from the Commune has been throwing some gravel about. Yahoo! (But there are still plenty of un-gravelled areas)

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