What a fight back!

12 February 2011

I enjoyed a rare morning off and had a fantastic ski with the girls and Doctor Laura. We covered a huge amount of ground in 2-and-a-half hours and the girls are getting better and better with every outing. Little Katie, who is as light as a feather and not yet five-and-a-half has a lovely position on her skis and amazing endurance. Millie is really pretty fast now and works her skis beautifully and the two of them are great fun to ski with. (Doctor Laura thinks I do too many turns however!) And what’s even rarer is that I’ve tomorrow morning off as well so we’ll all go out and do it again.

Chris was the only one working this morning as it’s incredibly quiet this weekend and he and Tilly had a good ski in the Borsat, Sachette and Familial. I had a lovely birthday ski with Pat Woo this afternoon while Katie and Millie were at India’s 4th birthday party. They had a great time as India’s Mum is a bit of a party girl! Speaking of birthday’s, I forgot to mention Gill’s Mum Liz’s birthday on the 9th. So Happy belated Birthday to Liz and Happy Birthday Pat and India.

Sports Report- I’d written the Hammers off at half-time when they were losing 3-0, but they’ve battled back to 3-3 with about five minutes left. Come on boys! Full-time whistle blows and what a point! Bummer about Birmingham’s late winner though.

PS Jean is putting up a nice photo-of-the-day from around his home in Toulouse.

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