A good hard ski with the girls!

13 February 2011

It’s been great having two days off in a row, and especially over the weekend when I could ski with the girls. We had another good ski today starting with the Face du Bellevarde, followed by the Diebold, the Little Borsat Nord, the Familial, the Diebold, the Verte into the half-pipe, the snow-park, and another Familial to finish. Then Laura came to lunch with us at Millie’s favourite restaurant, the Billabong (Quicksilver), which I must say was fantastic for good fun ambience and a cracking cheeseburger and frites. It’s perfect for those of you with children as the service was quick and friendly, the food was yummy, plus it was fun and jolly good value. (65 euros for five of us)

Meanwhile, Chris was off-piste with Nick and Anne while Andreas and Tansy were working together with their Thai clients.

It was another stunning day after a cloudy night but the forecast varies between 15 and 30cm’s of snow on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

PS We just finished off a brilliant weekend with two-hours in the pool. Just what a guy needs!

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