Flat-light but snow is on the way!

15 February 2011

For the first time in ages it was back to flat-light and in exposed areas, a little wind. By this morning very little fresh snow had fallen so it was a matter of skiing souffle on the smoothest slopes possible, which isn’t that easy because after 6-weeks of sunshine there are plenty of bumps about. Anyway, we had a good hard ski on the Borsat Nord, Genepy piste (Grande Motte was closed due to wind), Familial, Spatule, Borsat Nord again, and another Familial to finish.

TJ had a good ‘skin’ on the Pramecou, Thomas skied the Borsat Nord and the Familial amongst others with Heather and Gregor, Chris skied similar runs as well while Andreas was on piste.

Doctor Laura kindly drove down the valley today to pick up Chrissy and TJ’s daughter Ailsa, both of whom will be here for a week. I’m looking forward to seeing Ailsa as I haven’t seen her for 4-years or so and needless to say TJ can hardly wait to spend some time and ski with her. Thanks Laura! Andreas’ Dad is also here for a visit and apparently he’s a brilliant cook, which is just what Andreas needs after big lunches at La Fruitiere.

It snowed lightly on-and-off today day and by morning we should have a decent accumulation, especially up towards the Fornet. Stay tune for some powder news tomorrow!

Sad News- David McCallum’s brother Andy died a few days ago and there will be a memorial drink’s session for him down the valley tomorrow afternoon. Andy was a wonderful bloke and an incredible character, and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. His sense of humour was second to none and he lived life to the full, each and every day. Rest in peace Andy.

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