Maximum turns with very little walking!

17 February 2011

The sun returned again this morning and after a few extra centimetres of snow last night we savoured a superb morning up at the Fornet. It was wonderful to be able to lay ‘Alpine’ tracks again and our first set in the Pays Desert were pretty impressive as Thomas with Gregor and Heather, Chris’ and my team all laid their tracks side-by side. Eighteen tracks Alpine-style are very difficult to miss but it didn’t stop the rest of the mountain being trashed by very few skiers. It was a sad sight as we looked up and watched the fresh snow disappear before our eyes with Derek yelling, “Take their passes away!

My team skied the Pays Desert twice with three little ‘skins’ to access the best slopes and it was great skiing all morning long. After the first run Chris went over the Col Pers while Thomas headed down to ski the Grand Vallon. TJ skied the Glacier Pers again (there’s a nice accumulation back there but don’t tell anyone), and Henry ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with Tasha and Philip. (He’ll be posting some photos and video on his site this evening and Gideon was snapping away and will be sending his photos to Jean.) Andreas and Tansy are still working together with their Thai family and sampling some wonderful food in the best mountain restaurants. Bon appetit!

It clouded over this afternoon and the Foehn wind picked up considerably. Hopefully the wind won’t damage the snow and fingers crossed the sun shines again tomorrow as there is no snow in the immediate forecast.

PS I just found out that Mille scored 20/20 on a French test today on verbs in the present tense complete with spelling. Bravo Millie! Katie on the other hand, snuck off at break-time with her pal Anna and they slid down four times on their backsides on the steep little hill leading up to the school. Naughty girls!

PPS Great photos Gideon!

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