A wonderful Glacier Pers!

18 February 2011

We had another lovely morning with great snow and beautiful sunshine, which isn’t too hard to take. Chris and I went back to the Fornet and ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers where the light and ambience were wonderful. With the sun being that little bit higher in the sky it was much brighter than even a week ago, even up high in the shade. Both teams left great tracks and I’m looking forward to Gideon’s photos. (Thanks Jean!)

TJ took his group of Vikings up to the Col des Fours and they loved it. The top half of the mountain was excellent but the lower half was a little trickier as we had some strong wind yesterday afternoon. (It was the same in the Glacier Pers, brilliant up top and slightly ‘educational’ towards the bottom) Thomas finished his week with Gregor and Heather while Andreas and Tansy skied their last day with their Thai clients. TJ’s daughter Ailsa skied with Gill and Laura this morning and TJ has her kitted out for an introductory tour tomorrow.

It clouded over again this afternoon but hopefully we’ll have another sunny day tomorrow before a change arrives Sunday night.

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