I couldn't believe it!

19 February 2011

The ridiculously beautiful weather continued today and we all profited with another excellent morning. I took my team for a ‘double skin’ of about ten-minutes each way-out into the Pays Desert, and we had some lovely snow to leave our tracks in. We didn’t arrive back to the poma until noon so we finished off with a good Grand Vallon. You forget what a big ski it is from the top of the Signal to the valley floor and it looks a lot steeper with soufflé than it does with powder.

Meanwhile, Chris ‘skinned’ up towards the Gros Caval with his team, which included Sandy on her first-ever ‘skin’ and ski with Alpine. I’m sure they had great skiing and she’ll have been impressed with the scenery and ambience. Andreas skied steep slopes starting with the Borsat West, followed by Couloir #3 off the Balme, and then a couloir in the Chardonnet. TJ took Ailsa out for an introductory ‘skin’ towards the Borsat West and Gill and the girls skied with Laura, Kiera, and Anna.

Anna came over for a sleep-over last night and after watching Monsters, INC and staying up too late, Millie and Katie thought it would be clever to steal some of mummy’s chewing gum, work it into a nice gummy ball, and then stick it in their hair. They screamed and cried like banshees when the scissors came out and I don’t think any of them will try that stunt again. (I can’t believe someone who had just scored 20/20 on her French verbs test could turn around and do something so idiotic the next day) Anyway, there’s never a dull moment around here!

There’s a rumour of a change of weather with a few flakes over the next few days so lets hope that if we get flat-light we also get enough snow to make a difference, as these sunny days have been very enjoyable.

PS Good work with the photos Gideon and thanks for putting them up Jean!

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