Back in business!

20 February 2011

We’ve a fresh canvas again as it snowed much more overnight than forecast and it continued to snow all day long, especially during the afternoon. I had two no-shows this morning so Chrissy skied with Andreas along with Mike and the Campbell’s and I went home to take Gill and the girls for a little powder ski. Andreas and TJ (with daughter Ailsa) headed up to the Pissaillas Glacier at the Fornet and enjoyed an excellent morning in about 15cm’s of fresh snow. Andreas was happy to get his skis off-piste again after spending the past week piste skiing (and dining in the finest mountain restaurants) and it was lovely for him to start again with some soft snow. Ailsa is having a wonderful time but unfortunately she and TJ return to Scotland Tuesday morning, just when she’s starting to get the hang of it!

The girls had a great time on the terrace this afternoon while I skied with Adam Farrer, who I haven’t skied with for quite a few years now. We had a good off-piste intro with his 11-yeaar-old son Tom, and Paul with his 14-year-old daughter Aimee and 11-year-old son Harrison. The easy off-piste was certainly more agreeable than the bumped up pistes and the kids skied really well.

Gideon had the morning off so I took a few photos of the girls and have sent them along to Jean.

Unfortunately the wind picked up significantly this afternoon but hopefully it won’t blow all night. With the rotten base underneath we’ll need to be careful with the fresh snow and we don’t need the wind loading the lee-slopes and creating plaques. Stay tuned!

PS Andreas tested the ABS Air-bag remote control system this morning, which allows you to deploy all the air-bags in the group. There have been many cases where people have not pulled the handle for whatever reason, such has not having time, forgetting or just missing. ABS will be perfecting this system in the next few years.

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