An outstanding morning at the Fornet!

21 February 2011

It wasn’t as sunny as expected but we had enough light to make the most of the superb snow conditions this morning. We all headed to the Fornet, where we seem to have spent most of the season, and with good reason. I skied with Greg, a Canadian from Toronto working in Geneva, on a private and he had a wonderful introduction to ‘Alpine’ and Val d’Isere. We (along with Gill) rode the first poma up the Signal and opened up the Combe du Signal in excellent conditions, then headed up to the Glacier, where we opened up the Combe du 3300, again in great snow. From there we skied the Pays Desert and finished off with the Col Pers. What a first morning!

Chris, Andreas, and TJ were also in the neighbourhood taking advantage of the brilliant conditions. Andreas had Tim along for his first ski with us and Chrissy was fantastic skiing the Combe du Signal, TJ skied with Erik, his son Fergus and Ailsa, and Chris’ team features on the photos of the day as Gideon snapped the morning away. Thomas skied on-piste with some Thai children and had a great time ripping it up.

I skied off-piste this afternoon again with Adam and Paul (their children were off at ski school) and we spent most of our time in a white-out. We started with the Mattis trees back to the piste, then the Combe du Signal, but fortunately it cleared enough for us to ski a comfortable Combe du 3300 to finish. Paul is a proper skier skiing on an ancient pair of PR8 Salomon Force 9’s, and believe me they do look skinny! It’s hard to believe we used to ski on such skis as they look almost ridiculous. Anyway, bravo Paul!

The avalanche risk was 3/5 today but from what we skied it seemed pretty stable and no one felt uncomfortable at any time. I’m sure that somewhere in the resort there was some wind-loading and dodgy places where one could find trouble, but today went well. Tomorrow’s another day however and after today’s ‘tracking’, we’ll need to be on our toes if we change sectors and ski somewhere where we haven’t been for awhile.

Gill’s mum Liz, sister Viv and Wils and Rosie arrived for a few days skiing. Because of the holidays Jean Sport had rented out most of their equipment, and Didier pulled two pairs of brand new skis out of the shop front and mounted them up with bindings for them. Absolute class Didier, merci beaucoup! We sometimes forget how lucky we are to be associated with Jean Sport and they deserve all of our support!

I’d better stop now as I seem to be rabbiting on, I’m still in my ski gear, and the sun looks like it will shine tomorrow.

PS We’ll miss TJ as he leaves tomorrow. It’s been great having him here for the past 5-weeks! And Erik showed his support of TJ today by bringing out his old pair of X-Mountains. Respect! (I think that’s fairly hip lingo with the younger generation)

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