Happy 50th Peter!

22 February 2011

Last evening around 6PM the sky was clear and the light was absolutely beautiful, and I was sure we’d have a sunny day today. The morning started off fairly clear but it clouded over rather quickly and Chris, who was heading to the Col des Fours, changed his mind and skied the Glacier Pers instead. Well done Chris! Meanwhile Andreas was skiing with the Campbell family celebrating Peter’s 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Peter! They started with a Lower Borsat, which was excellent, then had a nice run off the Cairn (Grande Motte) before hiking en-famille into the Chardonnet. After the Chardonnet they drank a bottle of champagne and had a picnic. Nice one and well done clan Campbell!

I had a wonderful day as well as my team started with a good warm-up off the Verte, then we skied the Lower Borsat, followed by a terrific Chardonnet, an equally good Sache, and a cracking good Familial to finish. (We’ll see what Gideon chooses to send to Jean later on) Fortunately what little sun we had seemed to follow us around and we had good light and great ambience all morning long.

This afternoon I went out with Gill’s sister Viv and my niece and nephew Rosie and Wils, as well as Gideon and we did a little powder skiing off the Verte before doing some good hard skiing on the lower slopes at La Daille. I was especially pleased with Rosie who was right behind me for some good, hard, short turns in the steep. Bravo Rosie! Gill’s mum Liz is taking us all out to dinner tonight so I’d better get ready.

Strong winds of 60 to 90 kph are forecast for tomorrow morning, which sucks. We haven’t had much snow this winter but we haven’t had much wind either so hopefully it won’t do to much damage to lovely snow we’ve just received. Fingers crossed!

Sports Report- Nice win for the Hammers last night. But I’d love to be able to trade some of these Cup wins in for a few Premiership points!

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