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23 February 2011

Wow! What a morning! My original plan was to ski Mont Roup but when we tested the snow off the Verte it was so nice I thought we should just ski and go for a maximum-turn morning instead. So, we cut into the Borsat Nord from fairly high up but found the snow just tricky enough to start to have second thoughts. Even though the snow lower down was excellent I decided to back-track and go back to plan ‘A’. Meanwhile Chris was cutting the traverse across to Mont Roup, which took some work but was well worth it as it accessed five or six good pitches down to where we put our skins on. Thanks Chris! Chris also cut the track up so even though we started a ways behind we caught them up by the time they were all ready to ski. Thanks again JC!

The last time I skied Mont Roup was December 29th when it was fabulous, but since then it’s been tracked out, taken wind, taken heat, and really hasn’t been worth skiing. But with the fresh snow over the past week or so it’s come around again, and yesterday afternoon and evening’s top-up helped as well leaving us with excellent conditions and not a track in sight. The snow was sparkling in the sun, the clarity of the sky was stunning, there was only Chris’ team and mine in sight, and the overall ambience was wonderful. Both teams laid prefect tracks and it’s great to have Mont Roup back as a possibility as we’ve spent most of the winter up at the Fornet and a change of scenery is really appreciated. Chris had Simon and Sarah for their first ski with ‘Alpine’ as well as their first-ever ‘skin’ and they had a terrific time. (Unfortunately Gideon’s camera’s battery died so I’m not too sure if anyone will be sending Jean photos today)

Andreas had a private with some a Viking couple, I’m not too sure what Thomas was up to and Henry radioed in during the afternoon as he was returning from a good few days away touring with his ICE group.

I had a cracking afternoon with Viv, Wils, Rosie and my darling Millie as we skied some nice powder off the Verte and lower Borsat Nord before finishing with some good hard piste skiing.

We’d had a great pizza at Paulo’s for lunch and a really good meal at the Lodge last night, both recommendations for Derek. Thanks Derek! The girls are dining at Billabong (Quicksilver) tonight with their cousins Wils and Rosie while the rest of us go for a drink at the Taverne d’Alsace. The girls are really looking forward to a ‘no adults allowed’ outing in town.

It looks like we’ll get some more snow tomorrow and we could be in for another day of flattish light.

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