Thanks to Rob and Chris

27 December 2007

Thanks to Rob and Chris who gave you the news from yesterday while I was off to Lyon for my girls. Today we had a stunning day again and JM, Chris, and I decided after 26 days that it was time to have a change of scenery and risk a trip to the Fornet. We were pleasantly surprised with some good soft snow in the Pays desert mixed with souffle doux and dur, and some good skiing over the Col as well. The snow is firm towards the bottom and staying on your feet is recommended, but it was good skiing with great ambience. Someone did have an accident further over towards the big slopes on the Vallonet where they fell and took a big slide. They needed a helicopter out and we have no news for the moment about the extent of the injuries but it didn’t look good. Andreas took his Campbell-and-friends-team to the Crete du Genepy for some lovely skiing as we continue to make the best of what we have to work with. Millie and Katie picked up their ski equipment this afternoon and Millie and I are planning a little ski tomorrow afternoon with her cousins Wils and Rosie. Sun is forecast with no snow coming for ten days or so.

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