A potentially tough morning turns into a great outing!

24 February 2011

For a day that looked totally uninspiring at 8AM it turned out to be a brilliant morning. Very little fresh snow had fallen overnight and with wind and flat light our options were fairly limited. Chris joked that it was sunny above 3500 metres so I headed towards the Motte via a good warm-up off the Verte and a lovely Lower Borsat and sure enough the light was decent all morning long. Thanks Chris! The wind had blown in a nice cushion off snow and everything had improved, especially the slopes in the lee of the northerly wind. We skied off the edge of the Genepy and onto my little shoulder, which has been poor all season long until today, and we had a cracking good ski. It was slightly compacted up high and became easier towards the bottom, so we cut a traverse back to the Leisse Chair and skied it again. (Henry and Chris were in the neighbourhood and we all skied two rotations.) Just when we were about to ski off the Genepy for a short ‘skin’ under the Borsat West, Belinda (who skied beautifully) dropped her pole under the Leisse Chair, which opened up some new skiing. Chris’ team assisted us as we worked our way down through the rock passages to her pole and we had some good skiing en-route. From there we skied some excellent snow off the Genepy followed by a good but tricky Familial to finish. Meanwhile Andreas’ team had some lovely skiing in the Lower Borsat, Chardonnet, Sache and Familial.

I thought for a potentially difficult day all the boys showed their teams a cracking good morning, which was appreciated by all aboard. Well done Chris, Henry and Andreas. (Thomas was off this morning) Adam and Paul’s children Tom, Aimee and Harrison skied really well this afternoon and we skied a nice mix off powder off the Verte and Lower Borsat, Millie’s ‘funk’ run, the half-pipe and some jolly good piste carving. Bravo kids!

There is some serious noise in the background as Nana, Gill, Viv, Wils, Rosie, Millie and Katie are playing ‘Stick up and Shout!’, which seems to be a wonderful wind-up before bed. Sorry Gideon!

A sunnier day is forecast for tomorrow.

Nice photo Jean!

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