A lovely Col des Fours!

25 February 2011

It was back to clear blue skies this morning and everyone made the best of it. Andreas and Thomas headed up to the Col des Fours and had an excellent ski. Thomas had himself organised to be the first one up but had someone show up late, then their bindings broke, and poor Thomas just watched as several groups passed him. Bummer but still he had a great ski and really enjoyed it. (Andreas has some footage up on his Facebook page)

Meanwhile Chris was heading up to the Fornet to ski the Glacier Pers but the Glacier was closed due to 100kph winds. (Where did they come from?) Anyway he back-tracked with his team and they skied Mont Roup, and had a pretty good ski. (Gideon was there so there should be some shots up on Jean’s link)

I had a lovely French family for an initiation off-piste morning. They were handicapped as they showed up on slalom skis but we had a cracking good ski anyway. My plan was for the scenic tour around the Fornet with classics such as the Pays Desert and Col Pers but like Chris, the wind put an end to Plan A. So we skied the Grand Vallon to the valley floor then returned to Bellevarde where we skied some nice powder off the Verte, in the Lower Borsat and off the Genepy on the Motte. We then skied the Familial to finish off Pierre, Olivia, Emar, and Elena’s morning. (I’m sure there are a couple of spelling mistakes there!)

Nana, Viv, Wils and Rosie left after a good ski with Gill this morning, which is bad timing as Millie and Katie now have two weeks off school. They had a great Monday-through-Friday holiday and we look forward to Nana and Rosie’s return later in the season.

We should have a sunny start to the day tomorrow followed by 15cm’s of snow over the next day or two. (Gideon’s forecast)

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