Great tracks for Alex's last morning!

26 February 2011

It turned out to be fairly sunny all day long, which is always welcome. From the look of the photos Chris took he must have skied the Little Borsat West, and the snow looked fantastic. Thomas was out there as well but I’ve no idea what he skied.

I had the morning off and skied with Gill, Millie, Katie, and our pal Harry, who is always great fun. The girls had a late night and Katie threw a wobbly around 11:15 so I skied her home while the others took advantage of the outstanding piste conditions. Being Saturday it was quiet and the pistes just don’t get any better than they were today.

Katie rallied after lunch so we went up to Jean Sports to kit ourselves out in cross-country equipment and we had a lovely afternoon up in the Manchet Valley. It’s great fun and exercise if you want to give it a go, and Jean Sports has all the gear, even for small children.

Hopefully we’ll get some snow tonight as after a week of people tracking it out, some 100 kph winds followed by some heat, there isn’t too much left.

Sports Report- It’s a big weekend in the Premiership, as well as the 6-Nations Tournament, and I’m looking forward to England v France tonight.

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