It just doesn't get any better!

28 February 2011

Wow! Where do I start except to say that was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning of rare quality, the snow was deep and light and we didn’t have a bad turn all morning long. We knew we were in business with a great warm-up run off the Verte followed by an excellent Borsat Nord from the top. But then it just got better and better as we skied three superb rotations in 30 to 40cm’s on ‘Wayne’s Shoulder’ off the Leisse. Marvellous! By this time it was time to think about heading home but the Grande Motte cable car was threatening to open and it’s rare to be in the first cable car with stunning snow waiting, so we waited for 15-minutes and weren’t disappointed. We had good light all morning but just as we started our 85-turn pitch the sun popped out to add to the pleasure. From there we had a wonderful non-stop run off the Cairn and a funky Familial to finish. My team of Adrian (Derek’s brother who hopes Derek sees the photos tonight), Duncan, the one-and-only Jonathan, and Gideon couldn’t believe the skiing and both Jonathan and Gideon said it was their best morning ever. (We finished at 2 o’clock, which doesn’t happen very often)

Meanwhile, Andreas, Henry and Sophie went for a ski up at the Fornet and skied the Combe du Signal, Combe de Geant, Combe du 3300 and a Col Pers. Not too bad either! Chris was also up at the Fornet taking advantage of the great snow.

Gill, Millie and Katie went for a ski with Harry, who kindly took them out to lunch at the Ferme in Tignes. They watched us ski the Borsat from underneath then the girls followed me down the piste into Val Claret. The Ferme is an excellent restaurant and they enjoyed a great meal. Thanks Harry!

I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather, but one thing for sure is there’s some wonderful snow out there!

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