Derek's getting jealous!

01 March 2011

It was another outstanding day today with 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow in town and more at altitude. The entire team heading towards Tignes as it was much clearer than the Fornet, which looked pretty socked-in. I started with a lovely opener off the Verte en-route to a very good Borsat Nord from the top. From there we headed back up to yesterday’s paradise on the Motte and skied my shoulder again, but unfortunately it had taken some wind overnight. Still, the top section was excellent and after skiing the shoulder we took the cable car to the top of the Motte, where the skiing was still fantastic. From there we skied a funky Cairn (terrific), then dropped off the piste into Tignes before finishing with the Familial.

Meanwhile Andreas had a team of six gorgeous girls who are all here for the season and they started with the Fontaine Froide, then off the Verte, Borsat Nord, Chardonnet, Sache and Familial. I think he was trying to impress them! Anyway they had a great ski and finished late, as you do when you’re surrounded by ski-babes.

Chris and Thomas both skied the Borsat Nord, and Chardonnet before Chris skied the front of the Aiguille Percee (first of the season) and the Familial while Thomas skied the Cocaine and a couple of others.

Gill had the girls out early for some powder skiing on Bonnevie’s Drag amongst others, followed by a hot-chocolate stop. You need to get little people out early as with the new snow the pistes become bumpy jolly quickly, which makes it very unpleasant for their little legs.

It sounds as if we might see some sunshine tomorrow after it cleared up this afternoon, and in the light there was evidence of quite a few plaques that had popped out during the day. A well-known saisonnier was caught in a slide around the Spatule this morning and didn’t pull the handle on his air-bag. He was buried but managed to punch his arm out as he was just under the surface. We’ve been skiing quite comfortably with a 3/5 risk this week, but with the added heat of the sun today signs of instability are showing themselves and we’ll need to reassess for tomorrow.

Thanks to Jean who has been taking the time to put Gideon’s. and at times Chris’ photos up on the website. You’ve created yourself quite a following Jean!

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