Bravo John and Magaret!

02 March 2011

It was back to beautiful clear blue skies this morning and the team decided to head up into the wind at the Fornet for a change of scenery, knowing much of the Glacier was closed yesterday due to wind. The wind had dropped significantly this morning, but I must say it was still blowing a gale. Chris and I started in the Combe du 3300, which was pretty jolly good for the most part with a couple of patches of trickier snow. It was ‘skiers’ snow compared to what we’ve savoured over the past few days, but I really enjoyed it and John and Margaret creamed it. I was really proud of them as they got stuck in, skied positively, and showed the snow who’s boss. Bravo!

Andreas’ team started with a Pays Desert, and they too had some good snow for the most part with a few ‘educational’ bits here and there. Between us we did some serious trail-breaking this morning as we needed to cut the tracks in and out and it was pretty hard work. (Price of being first but always worth it) We all debated about whether we should do another in the Pays Desert or go straight over the Col Pers before it got busy and we all finally opted for the Col. It too had some tricky bits but the snow just got better and better as we skied down and it was a pretty good result. The first half after the Grand Torsai was still pretty good but the bottom section wasn’t easy and was best erased from the memory bank immediately as you don’t want the last section to spoil a good morning.

Gill and I skied with the girls this afternoon, and Gideon came along as well. The girls are really standing well on their skis now and it’s a pleasure to watch them improve. Well done girls, if I say so myself!

I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather but chances are I’ll take my chances back in Tignes! Stay tuned.

PS A big hello to my brother Dennis and his wife Marilyn, who have just discovered our website. I’m hoping to entice them to come for a visit next season as Dennis spent my first four winters here with me but hasn’t been back since, and Marilyn has wanted to come for years. He’s a great skier and it would be fantastic to have him come back and see what we‘ve got going here at ‘Alpine’.

PSS After mentioning yesterday the need for caution after yesterday’s warning signs, there were another two avalanches involving skiers today. Luckily no one was hurt in either slide, but it’s time to back off again.

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