Whoomphing underfoot but great skiing on gentle to moderate slopes!

03 March 2011

After yesterday’s events no one was in the mood for taking on any big slopes and we were all in a cautious frame of mind. I had more ‘whoomps’ underfoot today than I have all season put together, so we were all alert and back to basics. The risk is still 3/5, but it’s very delicate on steep slopes. With that said, we had a cracking good morning so check out Gideon and Chris’ photos.

We started with the gentle slopes on the sunny-side of the Jardin de Borsat, where we left some nice tracks, followed by some good skiing in ‘skiers’ snow in the Lower Borsat Nord. From there we had some fantastic snow off the Motte skiers-left of Wayne’s Shoulder where we had close to 100-turns over four pitches. We then ‘skinned’ up to the Little Borsat West for more virgin snow of excellent quality. It was Matt’s first time ‘skinning’ and he was wearing a huge grin and Jonathan mentioned how watching someone else enjoy himself so much really lifted his spirits as well. Jonathan, by the way, is skiing very well and I’m well impressed with him this week. Bravo Jonathan!

Thomas was back in the resort after a great outing in Italy yesterday and he took his team up to the Fornet. The vicious wind had died down and they had some great skiing on the Pays Desert and over the Col Pers.

Gill and the girls had a brilliant ski with Harry, followed by lunch in Les Brevieres. Thanks again Harry! Andreas took the morning off so he and Tansy had a lovely family ski with Ness. He doesn’t get the chance to ski with Ness that often, especially en famille, so they had a wonderful time.

There is a rumour of some snow tonight, between 5 and 40cm’s depending on location in the resort and what forecast you believe. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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