'Powder-Frenzy' avoided!

04 March 2011

The promised snow arrived but it was much more than expected and we had another stunning morning. It looked socked-in towards the Fornet and we felt they might be slow in opening as there would be more snow up that way, so Andreas and I decided to head towards Tignes. My team were on the first chairlifts up Solaise and we had a fantastic run on the piste with a good 30cm’s, maybe more. It was superb non-stop skiing down the Rhone Alpes and the Gun-Barrel at the bottom. We arrived in time to beat the ESF starting so we went up the Olympique to ski some lovely snow off the Verte en-route to an excellent Borsat Nord from the top. Next up was a good Col du Palet before heading up the Motte for a great run from the cable car followed by a beautiful Cairn and a faithfully good Familial to finish a wonderful morning.

Andreas started up Bellevarde and had a blast down the OK in 30cm‘s, followed by the Borsat Nord, Chardonnet, Sache and Familial. Good effort and needless to say we both finished a little late! The light was definitely better in Tignes and we really profited with a brilliant ‘maximum-turn’ morning. (We didn’t stop much so Gideon had to be quick to get any photos)

Millie and Katie went to their friend Martine’s to make gateaux chocolat so Gill and I drove to the Fornet to see what was happening in that sector. It turned out that the Glacier was closed all morning and everything, and I mean everything from the Signal down was trashed. It must have been an incredible ’powder frenzy’ and although the snow was wonderful, I’m glad I wasn’t involved. People have skied places I wouldn’t dream to skiing or traversing, especially with the present state of instability, but they got away with it today.

Gill and I found some space (just) in the Combe du Signal but I wouldn’t have gone any further skiers-left than we did, and the snow was knee-deep and bloody marvellous. My heart was in my mouth, as was Gill’s and once down we headed up to the Glacier. Upstairs there was between 60 and 80cm’s and unless you had really fat skis you could barely move in it. The T-Bar was closed all day so the Pays Desert and Col Pers haven’t been touched, but it will be seriously hard work for whoever wants to be first-in to either itinerary.

It cleared up around 2PM and at 6 o’clock there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the forecast is for a couple of sunny days. Stay tuned!

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