What a day!

05 March 2011

The sun returned and after deciding I didn’t want to spend the morning cutting tracks in and out of various places on the Pissaillas, we headed to Tignes. We started with an excellent 35 to 40-turn pitch above the Mont Blanc piste en-route to a funky and clean run in great snow off the shoulder on the Borsat Nord. From there we had a lovely Cairn then bussed around for a very good and atmospheric Sache. The team skied the steep pitch brilliantly and left some impressive tracks, which was important as the line had rocks on one side and some avalanche debris on the other, so space was limited. The rest of the Sache was really good as well and it was another cracking good morning. Well done Jonathan who skied incredibly well this week. Bravo! Henry was also in the neighbourhood enjoying the great skiing as were Chris and Suzanne.

Thomas had an all-private with a couple of good boarders and he was just about everywhere during the course of the day. Guiding skiers is one thing but it’s extra complicated with boarders as they need gravity assisted areas much more than skiers, so it limits your options. (I’ve never guided a boarder so I’d be rather useless I’m sure!) Bravo Thomas on a well thought out day!

Katie skied her first top-to-bottom Face du Bellevarde this morning with Millie and their friend Anna, along with Gill and Kiera. They had a wonderful morning and it was fun running into them on top of the Palafour chair. Happy Birthday to Anna who is six-years-old tomorrow!

Andreas skied with the family this morning then spent the afternoon checking out all the plaques that popped out as it was another busy day on that front. There was a serious accident yesterday around the Laisinant where one skier remains in critical condition. Apparently someone has just tried to ski the same slope in the past hour and has been winched off by helicopter. There was action in the Combe du Signal, Vallonnet, Face du Charvet, and probably a few others as well.

Sports Report
First score in, West Ham 1, Stoke 0, after 21-minutes. Come on boys!
West Ham 2, Stoke 0, after 29-minutes
Final Score West Ham 3, Stoke 0, What a day!

Jean returns today and my ski tomorrow depending on how his journey goes. With Jean travelling there probably won’t be any photos today.

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