A rather gloomy forecast outlook by radio Val this morning

26 December 2007

A rather gloomy forecast outlook by radio Val this morning but ended up with a mix of excellent old powder on the lower Lavachet slopes and interesting conditions on Cocaine North for Wayne and JC this morning. For JM and Andreas their programe was the Tour de la Balme from La Grande Motte and Andreas continued with his intrepid travellers to the Chardonnay. All in all an interesting day for all. Also an interesting and amusing piece of news this morning on radio Val. This is Robs interpretation of this news “ Many thanks to the driver – British, of course – for giving us a big laugh on Christmas Day. This gent was driving – so he thought – to Lake Geneva. Picture his unease as he reached the Tignes dam and Lac de Chevril. Probably he knew there is a bloody big city at the end of Lake Geneva, not a dam. So he did the obvious thing. He stopped at the SOS phone in the new tunnel system into La Daille to ask for directions. We now know that lifting an SOS phone in the tunnel system automatically operates a barrier at both ends. The drivers held up at either end probably weren’t as amused as we were. Can you imagine the conversation between the confused GB “motorist” and the baffled gendarmes?”

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