Happy Birthday to you!

07 March 2011

We celebrated Jean’s 70th birthday with a jolly good ski up at the Fornet. I decided to make the best of the Pays Desert before it took too much heat and got tracked out so we ‘skinned’ up for 10-minutes from the top of the T-bar and skied a very good top pitch. It took some heat yesterday so we needed to play with the exposure and just managed good powder, but after today it will be crusty tomorrow. From there we could turn further north and we had good powder all the way to the bottom. We then dived over the Col Pers and traversed right to again good snow down to the Grand Torsai. (It’s unfortunate that from the grand Torsai down isn’t the best skiing of the day, but one needs to deal with it and then forget about it.) I had a new Frenchman named Jerome today, who did really well and loved the ‘Alpine’ way of skiing, so he’s bringing his wife on Thursday. (We’ve had a good touch of new clients again this season, which is really encouraging.)

Meanwhile, Chris took his group of Robert, Kristy, and Ian up to the Glacier Pers for an excellent ski and we admired his team’s tracks on arrival at the Grand Torsai. Bravo! Ian has spent time walking here in the summer and has always wanted to try ‘skinning’ and he had a wonderful morning. Andreas had a team of ‘non-skinning’ Vikings and they enjoyed great skiing in the Col Pers and Vallonnet, while Thomas skied the same with his group of Americans from Boston. Well done boys!

Katie spent the afternoon playing on the terrace with her boyfriend Luca, and spoke French in front of Gill, which brought great pleasure. Katie later said, “Speaking French is easy”. Easy for her to say!

The sun is forecast to shine for the rest of the week with a chance of snow on Saturday, so it looks as if we’ll be hanging around the Fornet for a few days to come. It could be worse as the Fornet is one of my favourite places on earth!

Happy Birthday Jean, from all your ‘Alpine’ friends and followers of your daily photos. Merci!

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