Well skied Millie!

08 March 2011

The stunning weather continues and we decided to head to Tignes and make the most of the conditions there before we get forced back to the Fornet, and we had a great morning. Chris and I started off with some lovely snow off the Mont Blanc while waiting for the Tommeuses lift to open then skied perfect piste into Tignes. From there we hiked up to ski an excellent Sachette and after arriving at the flats we ‘skinned’ up for five-minutes to access some nice snow on the meadows. We then finished with a good Familial and I met my girls at the ruin on the way out for a picnic while Chris escorted my team out.

Andreas covered a lot of ground with his Viking team as they skied the Sachette then circled back around for a Tour du Balme to the Hourglass Couloir, then a Familial to finish. Meanwhile Thomas took his Americans to the Fornet and skied from the Lechoir down to the refuge before ‘skinning’ back out. Nice one Thomas!

After our picnic I had a couple of runs with Millie and skied good, hard, short turns on firm snow and was surprised at what she’s capable of. My off-piste skis are fine for longer carved turns but are barely up to shorter turns and I’ll need to borrow some shorter piste-oriented skis from the shop soon. Anyway, she had a big grin on her face and was giving me high-fives, bless her!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and come on you Gunners this evening!

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