It doesn't get any better!

09 March 2011

The clear blue skies continue to feature and the weather has been outrageously beautiful for sun worshipers. (I love my powder but if it isn’t snowing it doesn’t get any better than this!) Thomas, Chris and I all headed up to the Fornet for a Glaciers Pers of stunning quality, where it was perfect from top-to-bottom, without a single patch of tricky snow. Wow! Chrissy is back to help celebrate Jean’s birthday period and what a first morning for her. Kirsty in Chris’ group as made incredible progress this week and deserves a mention. Bravo Kirsty! Chris also had Kieran for his first ever ski with us and he’s enjoyed a wonderful time over the past three days.

Andreas took his group of Vikings down to Ste Foy and hiked the ridge to the Foglietta where they had a great ski followed by a cracking lunch at the Monal. He then drove them back in Henry’s van, ‘Big Bertha’, which is an experience in itself!

Gill and Kiera took Millie, Katie and Anna for another picnic after a good ski, then the girls are going to Anna’s for a sleepover. Bliss! Andreas’ children Ness and Victor are also away at their grandparents for the weekend. Bliss again!

Happy Birthday to Richard Finlay who is 65-years-young today. Sorry we missed our ski Richard but have a great birthday from everyone at Alpine.

I spoke to my Dad last night for the first time since he’s been in hospital. He’s been in a month now and it was wonderful to hear his voice and know he’s on the mend and should be home soon. He’s been missing the Daily Diary as well as Jean’s photos, and he can hardly wait to get back home. Get well and we’re really looking forward to seeing you in May Dad!

The sun is forecast to shine until Sunday when we should get some snow. Fingers crossed on that one!

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