Thanks Chris for a wonderful evening!

10 March 2011

The Glacier Pers was so good yesterday that we returned again today. I had two new French clients, Jerome and his lovely wife Sylvie who had never been there before, so a return visit was a must. Again the snow was brilliant from top-to-bottom and the several sets of ‘Alpine’ tracks up there look fantastic, and I must say that most people skiing up there are making an effort to keep it tight and conserve the snow. Merci!

Andreas talked his Vikings into a little walk so they came up to the Glacier Pers as well and enjoyed it so much that they skied the top slope then climbed back up towards the Gros Caval. Skoal!

Thomas had a great day with his Americans as he took them to Bonneval. They had a good ski followed by lunch and some more skiing in the resort before the best bit, which is the helicopter ride back to town. Thomas has shown the Bostonians an excellent few days, bravo Thomas!

Many thanks to Chris Evered who cooked dinner last night for ten people to celebrate Jean’s birthday. The food was fantastic as was the wine with Jean bringing a 1999 Premier Grand Cru Classe from Bordeaux, Chrissy brought one of David’s favourites, a 1999 Chateau-neuf-du-Pape, and I brought a 2004 Grand Cru Kirchberg Gewurztraminer. (Penny’s Sauterne was put on hold until we come up with some fois gras.) It was a lovely evening and it was great to have Jean’s wife Raya along. Merci Chris!

The girls are excited as Gill’s friend Niki has arrived for a visit and Doctor Laura has just returned with Mel. Should be fun!

We’ve another day of sunshine forecast before a change of weather from Sunday on as snow and rain are expected early next week.

PS Someone skied the Lores today, which I thought was pretty brave with all the instability we’ve had of late, and because it’s such a steep slope that hasn’t been compacted by ski all season. I was just saying last night that no one has had the courage (if that’s what you call it) to venture out there all season, and sure enough, someone has taken it on today. Better them than me!

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