Blowing a gale but it was good to be out!

13 March 2011

I listened to the 7:30 AM weather forecast this morning, which announced 80 to 130kph winds at the Fornet with 15 to 30cm’s of fresh snow during the day, followed by calmer weather for tomorrow with brighter skies. That basically ruled out the Fornet for this morning but it does sound promising for tomorrow. Anyway, no new snow fell overnight so there wasn’t any help on that front and we all headed up the Olympique with the thought of a little ’skin’ to the Borsat West mixed with piste skiing. The wind was blowing a gale on the top of the Funicular on the Motte and when I turned sideways and stuck my arms out imitating a sail, I shot off like a rocket. (It was rather impressive really and good fun) With the wind and the poor visibility we decided to give our little walk a miss and just stayed on piste. Chris, Andreas and I all stopped early but everyone enjoyed being out in the weather and getting in some good piste skiing. (I’m posting today’s update at 11:30AM, which must be a record for the earliest posting ever!)

Millie and Katie are off swimming with their pal Niki and Millie is going to Milly C’s birthday party this afternoon, which includes ice-skating followed by a trip to the burger-bar at Quicksilver. Meanwhile, I’ll take Katie out to the farm or to the climbing wall followed by a crepe, while Gill goes for a ski with Niki.

Sports Report- Thanks very much to Geoff and Inga for a great meal last night. The girls loved it and the Man U v Arsenal game was fantastic as well. Jean R was in shock this morning after Italy’s historic win over France in the Six-Nations game yesterday. (He came out of it quickly however as we took a face-full of wind) The Hammers play today but I feel most West Ham fans would rather save the victories for Premiership games and not prolong another Cup run.

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