Sunshine, less wind and great skiing!

14 March 2011

We took full advantage with a sunny window in the weather today and enjoyed a cracking good morning up at the Fornet. The entire ‘Alpine’ team chose the Fornet knowing if there was any fresh snow about it was going to be there. Although the snow wasn’t as deep as anticipated there were lovely strips and avenues of creamy wind-compacted snow that made for great skiing. On the top of the Pissaillas at least 30cm’s of snow had fallen but it had been compressed so that you’d only sink in about 10cm’s, and further down it supported with a creamy layer on top.

Gill was along for her first off-piste morning in three-weeks due to Millie and Katie’s half-term, and we had Michael R back, Jeremy R, Annie, Chrissy, Jean, and a new client Paul who had a great time and slotted straight in. Well done Paul!

Chris skied with Corrine, Fiona, Ian, Gideon, John, Margaret as well as Suzanne and both Thomas and Andreas had groups of Vikings, and both teams had a superb intro to Alpine. Bravo boys!

Niki took the girls to school then skied with Doctor Laura, Inga and Geoff. Thanks Niki!

Tonight’s forecast is for a rain/snow limit at 2400m’s, dropping to 1900m’s tomorrow. Being a positive type of person I’d say anything falling out of the sky will help! Stay tuned.

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