A well appreciated window in the weather!

15 March 2011

It turned out to be a pretty good morning especially when we went to bed last night expecting difficult conditions today. The weather towards the Fornet was dull, grey and windy so we all headed towards the better visibility in Tignes. My team skied the Lower Borsat en route to a very good result in the Sachette, where we had great ambience and pretty good snow as well. Chris was also in the Sachette and after returning to the Aero-ski via beautiful piste we then ventured into the Familial for a ‘sniff’, and I must admit it stank! There were a few strips that worked up top but with the flat light we couldn’t see well enough to read the snow and more or less just cut our losses and traversed out. Still, it was an excellent morning when rain and wind were forecast.

Thomas and Andreas were skiing with their teams of Vikings and Thomas skied the Chardonnet and Sache amongst others and Andreas skied the Couloir des Pisteurs and Couloir de Moniteur. If that doesn’t reve them up nothing will!

Gill was skiing with her pal Niki, who’s having a lovely time and the two of them have made the most of the weather, which has been kinder than forecast. (Still any piste skier would give their right arm for last week’s sunny weather) Snow is forecast this evening and into tomorrow so we should have some options opening up over the next few days.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Man U v Marseille Champions League match from the comfort of my own sofa. I’ll probably only watch the first-half unless it’s a cracker as I’m sad to say that 10PM is my limit these days!

It would have been David’s birthday today, and I had Chrissy and Jeremy with me this morning and Andreas skied with Jeremy this afternoon. Everyone on the Alpine team, along with friends, were thinking of him.

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