A great ski after a slow opening!

16 March 2011

It rained in the night and the day started brighter than expected, especially towards Bellevarde and Tignes, and with the thought of the Fornet being slow to open Andreas and I headed up Bellevarde. I was expecting a good 10 to 15cm’s upstairs but unfortunately it had only snowed about 5cm’s, so after a lovely run off the Verte we skied to the bottom and bussed up to the Laisinant hoping to time our arrival at the Fornet with the opening of the sector. We had a cracking little run off the Laisinant Express and arrived to a crowd growing in frustration awaiting the opening. I’d second thoughts about the wisdom of the u-turn but once open the Fornet provided some great skiing. My team then skied one from the Pyramid, followed by an excellent run skiers-right in the Grand Vallon, then a good run in the Combe du Signal, followed by the Combe du 3300, the Combe de Geant, and one in the Mattis trees for a 1:30 finish.

Andreas after his u-turn, Chris, and Henry were all in the neighbourhood skiing similar runs and everyone had a terrific morning. The visibility was pretty good most of the time but we had one patch of fog that was a little off-putting to say the least, and it kept us in the Combe de Geant instead of wandering into the Pays Desert blind. (Flat-light is one thing but fog is another story and you just can’t ski safely or comfortably in a fog.)

The girls are out skiing with Gill and Niki and they’re still out at 3:15. Their plan was to ski to a mountain restaurant somewhere so I’m sure they’re having a wonderful time. Nice life! Andreas’ children Ness and Victor stopped by the Rond Point for a visit this morning and I must say, they are a couple of little characters as well. No rest for Papa, that’s for sure!

The wind swung around from the south to the north this afternoon and we should get colder temperatures and snow tonight. It was +3C in the village this morning and with the sun and clouds this morning the greenhouse effect was incredible and anything but north took some heat. (North warmed up as well but not nearly so much)

Sports Report- It was a good match last night but United fans will be happy that Marseille are useless in front of goal. They missed a few glorious chances but a late own-goal kept them in with a chance. I thought Rooney’s passing and vision were superb but as good as the little Mexican is, Gideon and I thought we probably could have finished off those goals as well! Anyway, Geoff, Chris, Johnny ‘Alpine’, and Eric H to name a few, will be pleased and relieved to have that one out of the way.

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