A fresh canvas for the first time in ages!

17 March 2011

Finally some fresh snow fell somewhere over than the Fornet and with the wind swinging around to the north yesterday afternoon, it finally topped things up Tignes-way. The visibility was just good enough most of the morning to ski comfortably, but we all spent some time in white-outs when it was pretty difficult and we needed to feel our way down.

I started off with some great snow off the Verte, followed by the Lower Borsat from the bowl under the chair, all of which was excellent. The skiing down into Tignes off the sides of the piste was really good as well and from there I headed up to the Motte hoping for some visibility and the opening of the cable-car. Unfortunately the cable-car was closed and the light was very poor so we worked our way down the Cairn through the rocks until we hit the lower slopes, which were fantastic. Chris caught up with us and we skied the Cairn again, where I managed to ski off a drop-off and almost noodled myself. We then skied some lovely snow off the Fresse on the way back to our side of the resort, and a nice bit off the Mont Blanc and Verte pistes to finish. Chris had Gill’s friend Niki along, who did really well and is emailing her Mum to let her know her photo is on Jean’s link. Bravo Niki!

Chris and Andreas started with the Borsat Nord from the top and Chris went on to ski the Combe des Lanches while Andreas went on to the Chardonnet with his team of Vikings. Thomas had a great morning with an initiation private and spent part of the morning around Bellevarde, where the snow was excellent.

Jean is out of action for a few days with a sore lower back. He’s resting and hoping to ski again next Monday, when his brother Bernard returns. In the meantime, Gideon, Chris and I will be taking some photos.

The sun is forecast to return tomorrow so stay tuned for more powder news!

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