Wonderful skiing but another tragedy!

18 March 2011

The sun returned at times this morning and was well appreciated, but there were moments spent in a very atmospheric thin cloud as well. Thomas, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet hoping for it to clear, which it did just as we arrived at the Pissaillas Glacier. My team skied a good warm-up in the Lower Combe du Signal, followed by a cracker in the Combe du 3300, then an equally good Pays Desert. We had skied in lovely sunshine but around 11:30 the cloud bank was starting to rise again and there was the possibility of the Col Pers being socked-in. Chris and I went to the Col and decided we would get under the cloud cover so we started in without seeing too much. The top 100 metres was jolly tricky with flat-light combined with wind-compressed snow that was educational, but the light improved dramatically as did the snow and we had great skiing the rest of the way. I had a young Swedish lady Jenny along and she slotted in beautifully and promises to return soon with her twin sister. All in all it was an excellent morning and was definitely sunnier than the first five photos. Honest! (Not sure if Chris will be sending any or not?)

Thomas stayed upstairs and finished with another Pays Desert in the sunshine while Andreas skied in Tignes with his Vikings, and I’m not too sure where Henry ended up.

Gill and I had a terrific ski this afternoon as she missed out this morning, and we skied some lovely snow off the Mont Blanc piste, the Verte and the Jardin du Borsat, leaving perfect ‘his-and-her’s’ tracks. How sweet is that!

I received an e-mail last night from Radio Will and it was great to hear from him. I miss his humour in the mornings, his weather reports, (Froggy Fred’s are dreadful), his sports reports (always sympathetic to the Hammers plight) and his music evenings. He was also fun in the bars, on the hill and about town. Cracking bloke really!

My Dad phoned last night and it was great to hear from him as he’d just returned home after 5-weeks in the hospital. He was so happy to be home and he sounded much stronger than even a few days ago. Get well BG and we’ll see you in May!

Now for the bad news, there was another tragic avalanche today with a Swedish skier reportedly killed in the Cugnai. The Cugnai went on the front-side and a couple of places on the back-side as well and apparently it was huge. It was very fortunate that more people weren’t involved as there were a lot of skiers/boarders in the area. We’ll keep you posted.

It clouded over again this afternoon and I’m not too sure what to expect tomorrow, although sunshine is forecast.

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