A great morning with some help from the sun gods!

19 March 2011

We didn’t get any sun this morning but did have a few bright patches, which seemed to appear just when we needed it. No new snow to speak of fell overnight although it has snowed off-and-on all day long. I was travelling light this morning with new-client Paul and Michael R, and we had a great morning. Chris and I warmed-up off the Verte before heading up the Borsat. The sun poked through just as we arrived on the summit so we skied an excellent variation of what Gill and I skied in the Jardin du Borsat yesterday, and it was a nice start to the morning. We then skied excellent piste down into Tignes and I headed up the Funicular to the Motte hoping to break through the clouds. (Chris missed the train and was one behind) It was a white-out up top so I headed into the Cairn and presto, it cleared and we had a cracking good non-stop run down the Cairn, across the trail and onto the shoulder down below. The clouds returned for Chris but he could follow our tracks until he arrived under the cloud bank, and we met up at the bottom of the train. Again we arrived to flat-light but gave my shoulder a go and the snow was excellent with just enough visibility to navigate. After cutting the trail back to the Leisse chairlift we arrived on top just as another bright patch appeared so we did another non-stop on Wayne’s Shoulder to take advantage of the visibility. From there the flat-light returned with a vengeance so we skied piste home to finish a much better day than expected.

Andreas has the weekend off and is spending it in Albertville with Tansy’s parents and is planning a game of golf tomorrow, while Thomas and Henry were both off this morning.

There were four avalanches that needed the attention of the Security Services yesterday. In the Cugnai a 45-year-old Swedish man was buried under 3-metres of snow and died. Another skier skiing alone was taken above the Refuge du Prariond and was saved by deploying his air-bag. He damaged his knee however, and phoned the Pisteurs and was rescued by helicopter. Lucky boy having had no one to dig him out had his face been under! All four avalanches happened between noon and 1 o’clock. (Check Henry’s site for a link to further details)

Sports Report- I spent the afternoon at the pool with the girls but was willing the Hammers on to a vital point away to Tottenham. I looked a bit sad in my Hammers shirt and hat, but the girls passionately kissed the badge for luck. Well done girls! Unfortunately, other results aren’t going West Ham’s way but there’s still 40-minutes or so to go in most matches. Come on Arsenal and Villa and a few draws would do nicely!

PS. We had a lovely drinks session last night and Gideon presented Jean with a hard-cover photo book he’s made on the internet. It’s a collection of some of the photos Jean has taken over the years and Jean was very touched by the thought and effort Gideon had put into his present. Bravo Gideon!

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