A wonderful Pays Desert!

21 March 2011

It was another beautiful day and after a great day Tignes-way yesterday, we all headed to the Fornet this morning. Chris and I headed way out into the Pays Desert for a wonderful ski with excellent snow and fantastic scenery. We had Johann helping us today and he did a brilliant job with Ian and Fiona and they skied two very good rotations in the Pays Desert. Bravo Jo! Andreas was back in action after shooting 1-over-par yesterday (nice one) and he skied the Pays Desert, Col Pers and then finished up on Bellevarde. Gill and Suzanne were both off-piste with us again this morning as well as Jean’s brother Bernard.

There was a massive avalanche in the Grand Vallon, which came down from the summit and another impressive slide at the bottom of the Grand Torsai towards the Vallonnet. We’re not sure if the Grand Vallon was set off by the Pisteurs or not but it was absolutely huge. I had an e-mail from a Russian lady who is a relative of the person missing in the avalanche in Mont de Vallon on the 18th asking for eye-witnesses to the accident. I don’t think we can help her but you never know who’s reading this blog. Nine people have died in the French Alps in the last week and you still see people taking on big exposed slopes, and some of them late in the afternoon. What more can you say!

We had a brilliant evening last night a Doctor Laura’s and spent the evening with some old friends. Bridget Green was there along with Clare Hart, who I haven’t seen in 12-years or so, and it was lovely to see them. Clare Greener and her husband Richard were there as well as regular diners Inga, John and Margaret. Unfortunately Mike was absent as he was still in the hospital after his operation. Thanks Laura for another cracking evening!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow.

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