Fanatastic skiing after a cold and windy start!

22 March 2011

The wind picked up significantly yesterday afternoon and it was still blowing this morning. Andreas, Chris and I all took our teams to the Fornet to ski the Glacier Pers but when we arrived on the Col there was an enormous cloud bank over the Point Pers and it was windier than we expected and quite cold. We had second thoughts but thought it was clear behind the cloud-bank so we decided to continue on and were rewarded with great snow, sunshine, and protection from the wind. In fact we didn’t feel the wind again until coming up to the Grand Torsai and the wind was still blowing and cold.

A big plaque has popped out from the summit and splits the top-half of the glacier in two and Chris and I skied skiers-left while Andreas continued over and skied the other side. We all had wonderful skiing all the way down to where we ‘skin’ out and the Grand Torsai itself had improved with the wind smoothening out the snow and giving it a nice texture. And talk about huge plaques, a massive avalanche was kicked out a couple of days ago by some skiers above the last Combe that we ski to the bottom, and it’s full of huge blocks of snow all the way down and into the river. Wow! It was quite a sight and added to the ambience of an excellent morning.

Ste Foy has had two serious avalanches over the past few days but fortunately, like the one in the bottom of the Grand Torsai, no one was injured.

More sun and warmer temperatures are forecast for tomorrow and hopefully the wind will die down. Unfortunately it’s already damaged what was good snow.

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