80% powder, 20% spring!

26 March 2011

It snowed a couple of centimetres yesterday afternoon and early evening and the fresh snow was just enough to insulate the surface from a good re-freeze. The clouds dispersed overnight and we had another beautiful morning so I decided to search for what’s left of the powder snow, and what a cracking good morning it turned out to be! We opened with some great snow off the Mont Blanc piste while waiting for the Borsat to open then we had a few good touches around the Borsat en-route to the Funicular. From the Motte we had a decent ski on the Rosolin but the under-layer was slightly touched and it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped but we left some good tracks before ‘skinning’ out for ten minutes, leading to some nice soft-snow turns heading down to the ‘Wall’. We rode the Vanoise Chair back to the top and skied some really good spring snow off my shoulder en-route to ‘skinning’ to the Little Borsat West, where the snow remains excellent. The top pitch was 35-turns of great winter snow then we ‘sniffed’ out a route I’ve never skied before towards the bottom and it turned out to be the best snow of the morning. Olivier’s 18-year-old son Sacha was along and he’s turning out to be a great skier. He skis the powder beautifully and we had a fantastic blast on the piste on the way home. Gill also skied this morning as her Mum took the girls up the Manchet Valley followed by ice-creams at the Perdrix.

Henry and Andreas were both in action and they started off towards the Aiguille Percee to ski spring snow before heading back towards the Motte at the end of the morning. Chris and Thomas have the weekend off while Suzanne is in Normandy and Thomas is working on his flat.

I had a quick one-hour ski with Millie this afternoon and she’s really flying now. She is great fun to ski with and I need to give it my all as she tucks in right behind me. Well done Millie, you’re wearing me out!

I saw Clive and Richard H at John and Margaret’s last night and they’re both on great form. Both are enjoying the wonderful condition of the pistes and the brilliant weather. Thanks J & M for a great evening!

It clouded over again this afternoon but we may not be so lucky with the sun tomorrow morning. The good news is 10 to 25cm’s of snow is forecast Sunday night and through Monday, and a fresh canvas will be more than welcome!

And Happy Birthday to Henry!

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