Snow is on the way!

27 March 2011

Morning came around rather quickly with the hour-time-change but everyone showed up on time and ready to go. We were lucky with the weather as it started off fairly clear and we had good visibility all morning before it socked-in around one and started to snow lightly by 2:30PM. The forecast looks good as at least 15cm’s are forecast but I think we’ll get more than that over the next 36-hours or so.

Everyone was off except Andreas and I, and we both had various plans at the Gourmandine before moving on to plan ‘C’, which turned out to be a pretty good ski. We warmed-up using the last of the ‘powder stash’ off the Mont Blanc piste and then skied excellent piste into Tignes en-route to the Sachette. Mark and Victoria brought their friend AJ for her first ski with us, and it was her first time ‘skinning’ as well. As the traverse into the Sachette is dreadful we’re cutting in low then ‘skinning’ up to the Col. The upper slopes were still lovely powder before turning to spring snow towards the bottom. We then ‘skinned’ for five-minutes to access some great spring snow through the meadows, which now resemble a rock garden. It was an excellent ski and good intro for AJ, and as she, Mark, and Victoria all live in Geneva, we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Dan and Denise are here playing with the girls and they witnessed three avalanches yesterday on the Face du Charvet around 12:30. The avalanche risk yesterday and the day before was 3/5 rising to 4/5 between 10 o’clock and noon, so as you can imagine the steep slopes are ready to go. Anyway, they watched a group of six skiers pass by on the road coming out of the Tour du Charvet and a couple of minutes after they had passed a big slab popped out from under the rocks and slid over the road. A few minutes after that another big group came around the corner totally oblivious to what had just happened moment before. They then saw another avalanche release from the top where you enter the Face, and it came all the way down to the valley floor. Great viewing! (They were safely walking on the pedestrian path in case you think they were skiing weird places at the wrong time.) Gill then saw skiers on the Face du Charvet today at 12.00 noon. There was a horrible accident in Switzerland yesterday where 11 people on snow-shoes triggered a slab and as far as I know 6 were killed. Check Henry’s site as he has loads of news to report from around the Alps.

Nana left this afternoon with Penny after a great three-day visit. Last night she announced to the girls a trip to Disneyworld, Florida, for them in October so they are buzzing with excitement. We’re also planning a trip to Canada this spring/summer so the girls taste for the good life continues to grow. Lucky little people! And Millie did get her helicopter ride the other day as all the children in her class sat in the helicopter then the pilot hovered off the ground and turned around. Brilliant!

At 4:40PM it’s snowing quite nicely and our fresh canvas is on the way.

PS Sports Report- I’m extremely pleased to see that Scott Parker is finally getting a chance to play for England, but please stay healthy Scott!

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