Very little fresh snow but lovely skiing!

28 March 2011

About five minutes after posting the blog last night it stopped snowing and instead of 20 to 30cm’s this morning we had only about ten centimetres. The good news was we had more sun than expected and profited from great visibility most of the morning with the fresh snow giving us a very comfortable feel underfoot.

Chris was back in action and he, myself and Henry all headed up to the Fornet for a change of pace as we’d spent the past 5 or 6 days in Tignes. We were all travelling light with just two clients each and I skied with a lovely Russian gentleman Andrej (excuse my Russian), from Moscow but now working and living in Brussels, along with Jean and Gill. We had an excellent morning skiing a funky variation I’ve never skied before along the cliffs above the Combe du 3300, followed by a Pays Desert out wide and a Col Pers to finish. Chris skied the same with Michael C and Kati from Hungry while Henry was in the neighbourhood as well.

Andreas took the 6AM train from Chambery and was in Paris by 9 o’clock, where he took a motorcycle taxi to the Swedish Embassy to re-new his passport. They’re off to Thailand in May and fortunately Andreas noticed his passport was running down. Anyway, he looks a new man with his beard trimmed and his hair cut.

The forecast is for a few flakes tonight and a sunny start to the day tomorrow, with more snow tomorrow night.

PS The girls are out and about town with their pals Dan and Denise while Gill and I’ve enjoyed a quiet drink at the Taverne. They’ve had an omelette and crepe for supper plus a tour of the market and should be back soon. Thanks D&D!

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