Another sunny start to the day!

29 March 2011

The forecast was spot-on and we profited with a stunning sunny start to the day. A little more snow fell overnight and there was a decent re-freeze last night with Radio Val reporting -1C in town at 8AM, so everyone was up for a good ski this morning.

Chris and I headed towards the Motte and had a great morning skiing a mix of spring snow and powder. We skied a good warm-up off the Verte and found some good soft-snow turns on the shoulder in the Borsat, before heading upstairs via the Funicular. I skied a couple of variations around my shoulder in spring snow before heading out onto the Rosolin, which was excellent powder. From there I skied the Cairn followed by some spring back in Val d’Isere off the Borsat before finishing with a good piste cruise. After the Rosolin Chris peeled off to ‘skin’ up to the Little Borsat West and had some good skiing there as well. I had a new ‘Alpine’ skier Tim this morning, and what a nice man he is, and we were in good company as Gill and Sophie came along too.

Meanwhile both Thomas (refitting his bathroom) and Andreas (trip to Paris) were back in action after seeing to some projects and they both went up to the Fornet to ski classics such as the Pays Desert and Col Pers. Andreas was skiing with John D and his daughter Anna, as well as Stephen L and his 14-year old and 17-year-old sons Charlie and Richard. Thomas skied with Mark and Hen, both of who are new this week to ‘Alpine’ and thanks to Andy and Sue from the Auberge in Ste Foy for sending them along.

Apparently Thomas and Henry were quite surprised by the size of the slab in the bottom of the Grand Torsai (into the Belle Combe). Neither has been to the Fornet for awhile so it was quite a sight for them and although the debris has been melting down for the past week it’s still pretty impressive!

Hopefully we’ll get some snow tonight but we won’t be so lucky visibility-wise tomorrow as a grey and overcast day is forecast with light snow and the possibility of rain in the village during the afternoon. (Have no fear as anything falling out of the sky is good news at this time of year)

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