30 centimetres on the Grande Motte!

30 March 2011

I awoke at 6AM and looked outside to see nothing falling out of the sky, then again at 7 o’clock to a light drizzle, but by 8AM it was chucking it down with snow. (See photo from my terrace). We weren’t expecting that much snow as it had just really started to snow but we were in for a pleasant surprise.

We all headed up the Olympique to start off with some lovely off-piste on the piste and Andreas and I skied all the way down in 10 to 15cm’s of great snow and came back up via the Funival. From there we skied off the Verte, followed by Bonnevie’s drag, then a good trip in the Lower Borsat and off-piste down into Tignes. We’d heard on the radio while waiting for the Funival that there was 30cm’s in Tignes compared to 10cm’s in Val d’Isere so we headed up to the Grande Motte and straight up the cable-car to a good 30+cm’s of good powder and decent visibility. Henry arrived to join in on the fun and we all skied two cable-cars before heading for home. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ type of morning and although we skied some wonderful snow up high, we also skied some very good warmer powder at lower altitudes as it is that time of year. I must say most of us were pretty tired by the end of the morning but it was great to have some fresh snow again ,and for perhaps the first time all season Tignes received significantly more than the Fornet.

Meanwhile Chris started off with the Face du Bellevarde before working his way up to the Pays Desert and Thomas kept him company in the Fornet with his team of boarders. It was nice to have Suzanne back in action after a social week and a trip to Normandy.

I had a good afternoon at the pool as Millie and Katie invited their pal Anna along. They had a superb time but Anna managed to lose her towel. Whoops!

A couple of days ago a 25-year-old Swedish man was skiing the Face Nord on the Grande Motte when a snow-bridge collapsed and he fell 45 metres. It took the Rescue Services 4-hours to get him out but he later died of his injuries in hospital. The Face Nord is almost un-skiable these days with the Glacier rapidly melting and moving, and many of the classic routes are long gone. One needs to seriously know the terrain up there and be equipped as well to even think of skiing there, and really I wouldn’t recommend it.

We should get some more snow tonight and tomorrow followed by a sunny day on Friday.

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