I really can't believe it!

01 April 2011

Radio Val announced +2C in town this morning, but with the fresh snow last night insulating against a good re-freeze, it was going to be a delicate morning for those searching out spring snow on the ‘classics’. With that in mind we all headed up to the Fornet looking for the last of the powder mixed with some spring snow at altitude and we had another great morning.

Andreas, Chris and I all headed up to the Glacier Pers and enjoyed some excellent powder up top and towards the flats, where it turned to spring snow. Andreas and Chris then doubled back and ’skinned’ up again towards the Gros Caval and left some lovely tracks in soft snow on a supporting base. Chris was promised a shandy by his clients, which spurred him on towards the top. Nice on JC! Meanwhile, Thomas skied in the Pays Desert and Col Pers with his initiation group while Henry started at the Fornet and finished up with some nice spring snow up high off the Marmottons.

Henry then witnessed an incredible sight when a group of skiers lead by a professional were avalanched over the cliffs on the Face du Charvet around 11:30 to 11:45. The mountain has been unstable all season and after a minimum freeze on a slope that hasn’t yet transformed properly to spring snow, skiing it at 9AM is a bad call, let alone at 11:30. Outrageous really! Henry had to ski down the Arcelle side and came to help as the Pisteurs had their hands full. They were also in danger as a couple more slides came down on their own, and at one time the Pisteurs all dispersed heading for cover. I’ll stop there as Henry will be writing it up on his blog tonight. (google Henry’s Avalanche Talk)

Along with Jean, Gill and Sophie I had a couple of new characters today, James and Richard, who drove over from Tignes. They are here on Richard’s stag do and it was great to have them along. We’ve had a lot of new clients over the past three years and we continue to have new people showing up on a regular basis, which during a financial crisis is really encouraging. (Richard came via my book, and besides word-of-mouth most new clients are coming through the website)

Gill and I are sitting on the terrace in shorts and vests soaking up the sunshine and we can hear the delightful sound of children playing across the street in the school ground. It’s amazing how quiet it gets when they get called in but it’s lovely to listen to their joyous play and know your children are having a great time.

Ridiculously warm weather is forecast again for tomorrow.

PS Great photos Jean and I’m sure Chris will be sending a few later!

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