Great skiing and a change of scenery!

02 April 2011

It was 2 degrees warmer this morning but without any fresh snow insulating against the re-freeze, we profited from a better freeze than yesterday. We all decided on a change of scenery so Chris, Andreas and I skied the Crete du Genepy for the first time this season and enjoyed superb spring snow, without a mark on the mountain. It had set-up well and for the most part we didn’t leave any tracks behind and where we did it was minimal and will heal nicely in the sun.

We passed under yesterday’s avalanche around 10:50AM and it was a pretty impressive sight, and looking from the Manchet Chair it was even worse as it came right from the top. I haven’t heard any more news but Henry has some interesting video on his website.

After the perfect spring on the Crete du Genepy the Arselle and Marmottons looked absolutely un-skiable with frozen ruts and tracks everywhere so we all headed up to the Fornet thinking of a ‘clean’ Pays Desert. Once up there Chris thought the Vallonnet might be worth a shot and since I haven’t skied there all season I decided to give it a go with JC and Andreas. It turned out to be a great call as we had a few powder turns up top before turning to spring snow mixed with some strips of winter snow that fell two nights ago. At the bottom we came across where the avalanche that passed into the Belle Combe started, and I must say it was much, much bigger than I had imagined. To think that the skier who triggered it got out with just an injured knee is incredible because I haven’t seen that big of slide in quite some time.

I had another new ‘Alpine’ skier today named Phil, who is a Ski Club Member, and it was nice to have him along with Richard (on his stag weekend), his pal James, and of course Jean. (The boys missed Sophie this morning who was out at the Pisteurs Annual Ball last night, and missed today). Andreas had Tansy along for their first ‘off-piste’ ski together of the season, as well as Bumble and John D while Chris had Tilly, her son Andrew, Michael C, and Suzanne along. (I’m not too sure what Henry was up to this morning)

Gill and Kiera skied with the girls this morning then took them on a great walk along the Balcon from the Fornet back to above the Hotel Moris, so they’ve had a very energetic day. Meanwhile I watched my beloved Hammers lose a 2-0 lead after 65-minutes when that little runt Rooney scored a hat-trick in fifteen-minutes to break West Ham hearts. We ended up losing 4-2 in the end. Bummer but thanks for the game Johnny Alpine. I’m just hoping that the rest of today’s result go West Ham’s way.

More sun is forecast for tomorrow with a change of weather on Monday.

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