Still skiing powder snow!

03 April 2011

We had another decent re-freeze last night and the boys spread out to take advantage of the various options. Andreas and I headed up to the Glacier Pers and had great powder up top followed by spring snow towards the bottom. Andreas then ‘skinned’ up towards the Gros Caval and skied to the refuge before walking out on the summer path. Meanwhile I skied my funky descent above the gorge to finish off a wonderful ski.

When we arrived towards the bottom we could see some debris coming from the Vallonnet. We crossed over to it to have a look and were shocked by the enormity of it, and believe me the photos don’t do it justice. It came from way above and at it’s deepest the fracture line must have been close to two-metres deep! We all assumed that it slid yesterday afternoon but it was frightening to learn that it had avalanched on it’s own between 11:45 and 12:15, just minutes after some skiers had passed that way. It has been a very tricky winter and during this heat-wave the big slopes continue to purge themselves, with or without people standing on them. (I think back to my write-up of March 20th, and how this season is about taking it easy, enjoying gentle skiing and regrouping during the summer to be ready for next winter.)

Jean Marc is back in town and he skied the Col du Montet with Jo and her husband David, while Chris and Suzanne also made the trip on Chris’ day off. They had powder up top followed by spring snow & then walked out on the summer path above the gorge.

Thomas and Henry both skied some fantastic spring snow on the Crete du Genepy then we saw Thomas at the bottom of the Grand Torsai where we studied the debris at the bottom of the Vallonnet.

Gill and I had a great nature walk with the girls this afternoon. They had so much fun yesterday that they wanted to do it again today, after a good lunch at the Quicksilver/Billabong Burger Bar. Sophie did it this morning after she and a pal had run into Arnold -the-Terminator-Handsome-Stranger-Governor Schwarzenegger. Cool!

It’s clouded over late this afternoon and a warm night with some rain/snow is forecast. Wish us luck and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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