The sky was grey again today

23 December 2007

The sky was grey again today leaving us in a difficult position because with the lack of options we really need visibility to read the snow and avoid the ‘wandering plaque’, which is in the way of some good skiing. With that said, Chris and Andreas headed to the Sachette for some good skiing where Chris’ team skied the steep couloir. The Col des Ves, which normally opens mid-February, opened as we arrived to ski the Col du Palet, luckily giving my team some new options for the morning. No snow is forecast as the sun should be back tomorrow. Many thanks to Ray and Adrian for the help they have given me preparing my apartment for the girls, and thanks David C for an excellent drinks party last night.

Sports Report- I was extremely pleased with Scott Parker’s 90th minute winner for the Hammers, giving us our fifth away win of the season. The top of the table kept it going as Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea all narrowly won difficult fixtures, and Liverpool easily beat a normally tough Portsmouth. at the bottom of the table it was despair for Sunderland and Derby, who as the old blues singer once sang, “ if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”. Seems to be the way at the bottom of the table.

Radio Will Report- I have just had an e-mail from Radio Will who after sailing the Atlantic is now in Texas being a Cowboy, and thoroughly enjoying himself. It sounds as if he’ll be back next season but in the meantime he’d like us to give our support to ‘Sexy Lexi’ who has taken over the radio in his absence. He also mentioned Gloucester being on top of the Rugby Premiership as well as crushing all those who stand before them in Europe. (I’d also like to mention my hockey team, the Calgary Flames, who have dragged themselves off the bottom by winning 5 road-games in a row.) Radio Will also send his best to TJ and wishes us a Happy Christmas. It’s great to hear from you Will, Merry Christmas, and enjoy your travels.

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