Wow, back in business!

05 April 2011

It was back to business after yesterday’s tough conditions and after a great re-freeze last night we enjoyed some outstanding spring skiing. My original plan was to ‘skin’ to the Crete du Genepy but I ended up skiing ‘Plan C’, which was wonderful. After finding some good snow off the Mont Blanc piste I though I’d head up towards the Motte but in the end skied the Lower Chardonnet en-route to the Sachette, which was magnificent. Chris joined me and with the solid freeze last night we could ski perfect spring snow all the way to the bottom. The traverse out doesn’t exist anymore as a few slide have taken the snow away so we needed to ski the Sache piste to the bottom.

Meanwhile Andreas did ‘skin’ up to the Crete du Genepy and I’m sure he had superb snow as well and last I heard he was going to ski all day with the Nelson family, minus Henry who stayed home to study. Henry was on-piste and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied today. And the brilliant freeze last night will have made Jean Marc’s life much easier as he spent last night in the Refuge des Fours.

It’s amazing to look around and see the various signs of avalanche activity. Since I was last in Tignes a four or five days ago the Lavachet has had three big plaques pop out, same in the Chardonnet, the Cocaine Nord and Jardini have had slabs go, plus a couple more mid-altitude towards where you ‘skin’ up to the Glacier Suspendu. Also the traverse to the Altiport in the Familial had had several slides across it. Sad to say we are running out of spring options as the big spring slopes are dropping off daily, but have no fear as there is plenty of good skiing to be enjoyed.

We’d like to wish John and Margaret’s daughter Dawn a very happy birthday today, Gill’s trip to the foot doctor paid off as she felt great in her boots today, and thank-you David C for sorting out our electrical problems.

Sun is forecast for the rest of the week with lighter freezes as the nights pass by.

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