Absolutely brilliant spring skiing!

06 April 2011

It was several degrees warmer overnight but it still froze enough to give us great skiing again today. Chris and I headed up to the Crete du Genepy, which was absolutely superb top-to-bottom, without a mark on the mountain. There was some added ambience as some big slides have come down across the exit but fortunately it happened a few days ago and people have made a good track through it.

Once out it was decision time about what to do next and after weighing up the options I decided on the Col de Madeleine, which we ended up ‘skinning’ to avoid a nasty traverse. The top section was excellent with smooth snow and perfect texture and just when we were about to cut out and traverse back towards the piste, a lovely strip of clean snow presented itself all the way to the bottom so we continued on. Thomas was down below and he steered us towards a little strip of snow to escape on at the bottom, as I couldn’t see the exit from above. Merci Thomas! Then the ski out past the buvet was good as well and it turned out to be a fantastic result. We finished off a wonderful morning of spring skiing down the Marmottons towards the cliffs before cutting out back to the Solaise piste.

Andreas and Thomas started off towards the Chalet des Gardes before Andreas headed towards the Col de la Madeleine followed by the Mattis and Thomas skied the Cugnai with Adam P and family. The Parker’s then took a parapente trip after lunch, which my five-year-old Katie is dying to try. Well done Adam!

Jean Marc returned safely from a three-day tour and they had a great time after a pretty tough start on Monday. Bravo JM!

Gill and I took the girls down to the Villaret des Brevieres for a lovely walk this afternoon. It’s so warm that Jean skied part of the morning in a t-shirt and the girls walked in t-shirts and their knickers. And the sun is forecast to continue but without a good freeze tonight, which may make things a littler trickier tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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