'Limit', but perfect 'limit'!

08 April 2011

It was even warmer last night and Radio Val reported 4C this morning at 8AM. With the record-breaking heat forecast for today the freeze wasn’t going to hold up too long so we needed to get on with it this morning.

After spending the past five-days in the Val d’Isere-side of the resort, it was time for a change so JM, Chris, Andreas and I all headed up to altitude around the Motte. JM went up the cable-car and worked his way down the glacier skiers-right then skied over the edge of the tongue of the glacier and ‘skinned’ back up. Meanwhile Chris, Andreas, and I did two excellent rotations on the other side of the Leisse and skied variations around my shoulder, and on the second trip we skied down across the meadows and ‘skinned’ back to the chairlift. The snow was on the perfect-side of ‘limit’, meaning it supported and kept us on top, but we wouldn’t have wanted to be any later as another 15 to 20 minutes and the support would have disappeared.

Jean Marc and Chris then ‘skinned’ up towards the Borsat West for some west-facing spring snow while Andreas and I skied the Cairn (perfect but limit), followed by the Familial (ditto) and then some west-facing shots in the Jardin de Borsat. It was another really good morning of spring skiing and I must say this past week has been as good as it gets on the spring snow front, and I personally have really enjoyed it.

Thomas and Henry were both in action but I’m not too sure where they skied. Last I heard Thomas was skiing something around the Charvet and probably stay on the Val-side.

Andreas was a little stiff this morning after playing tennis in Bourg with Lyndsay yesterday afternoon. He thought it was pretty good fun so he joined the club for the summer and will get Ness and Victor swinging a racket before too long.

Gill and I walked along the Balcon again this afternoon as this weather needs to be enjoyed, even if you watch the snow disappear in front of your eyes. Still, have no fear as the piste skiing is absolutely fine and so far the off-piste has been outstanding.

PS: I forgot to mention King Prawn setting off his airbag by accident today ! Mind you he needs to do it 3 more times to match JC’s record and become King Papillon !

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