Surprisingly fragile, but still jolly good!

09 April 2011

It was one degree colder this morning and we all thought we’d profit from a better freeze so Andreas, Chris and I headed up to the Crete du Genepy for the perfect spring snow we‘ve skied there of late. The moment we touched the snow on the traverse from the Borsat however, it was evident the re-freeze was minimal and we’d need to hurry along. We cut the walk short by 5-minutes to save time and the snow was perfect and held up beautifully all the way to the bottom. The exit was ‘limit’ but worked all the way out and it was a cracking good result.

We knew that the Arselle-side should be left for another day so Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet for a stunning Pays Desert. It is really good value out there as it’s a long run from the top, you’re high enough altitude-wise to have supporting snow, and it’s only a 5 to 10 minute ‘skin’ out at the bottom. Then the pistes from the Col down feel like great spring snow and everyone went home happy. It was Victoria and Mark’s last off-piste of the season and they thought it was a wonderful last morning, and for Richard it was his one-and-only off-piste morning of the winter, and he said it made his season. Result! It was also the Nelson’s last morning and we wish Alex and Henry good luck on their upcoming exams.

(Henry headed towards the Motte but I’ve no idea how he got on and Thomas had the morning off)

Gill took the girls for a ski this morning then we all went for a walk this afternoon around La Daille searching for frogs. The afternoon walking is superb and it’s a one-off weather and snow-wise as most winters we’re still skiing powder as well as spring, and the walking paths are still covered with snow.

More sun is forecast but we should see some colder weather early next week. Fingers crossed!

Sports Report- Well, Wolves have lost in the early match, which is great news (sorry Mick D) and the Hammers have yet to kick-off against Bolton. Come on boys and hang in there at Augusta Rory!

PS Nice work on the photos today Jean as I didn’t really give you much time!

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